Using Honeycomb Shades

Using Honeycomb Shades near Nampa, Idaho (ID) including Duette Applause® honeycomb shades from Hunter Douglas

Making the decision to redesign your windows can not only be a fun process due to the range of options you have, but it can also bring unexpected benefits into your household. Using honeycomb shades inside your residence can instantly upgrade the aesthetic of any room while also giving you extra insulation at your windows. At Takoy Windows by Design, we can help you decide which Hunter Douglas products are right for you and your design goals and help you learn a bit more about our offerings.

One of the benefits of using honeycomb shades is that there are various styles to choose from. Duette® shades are the original design and are available in both single and double cells. This means that you can decide which level of protection is right for your windows. This type is also available in various options, ranging from sheer to opaque. Therefore, these can easily be utilized anywhere in your home from living areas to bedrooms thanks to the various light-control choices.

Another style you may want to consider is something from our Alustra® Collection of Duette® Architella®. In this design, fabrics are layered in order to create a unique look while still maintaining the level of energy efficiency that you would expect when using honeycomb shades. Going with this Hunter Douglas product is a practical choice that can enhance any space.

The Duette® Architella® is a third option to contemplate if you feel that using honeycomb shades is right for you. This type is special in that it utilizes a honeycomb within a honeycomb, which provides an extra buffer at your windows in both the winter and summer months. Customizing theses shades is an easy process as well due to the wide range of colors, fabrics, and pleat sizes in our catalog. Matching your window treatment to any existing decor in your home is easy thanks to all of the characteristics you can mix and match during the creation process.

A step up from the Duette® Architella® is the Applause®, which uses three cells in one intentional design. Additionally, this can be paired with various operating systems, such as the Vertiglide™ for maximum convenience. Pleated shades are a final option we offer, which come in a variety of bold colors, patterns, and more if you are looking for a statement-making way to integrate these window fashions. As you can see, using honeycomb shades comes with many benefits.

If you would like to learn more about using honeycomb shades, or any of our other Hunter Douglas products, we would like to invite you to stop by our showroom located in Meridian, Idaho.

We can also be reached by phone if you have questions regarding how you can begin using honeycomb shades in your own home. Once you have made your final choices, we can also assist you at your residence. Ranging from motorization to shutters to everything in between, we can help you find just what you’re looking for. Contact us today to begin bringing your design goals to life. We look forward to hearing from you.