Insolroll® Oasis® Patio Shades

With Takoy Windows by Design, homeowners are sure to find the right window treatments for their homes both inside and outside of it. Sun shades don’t just drastically increase your home’s light control, they drastically increase your living space. Use them to enclose the outdoor areas connected to your home, like your deck, patio, and porch, and protect your freestanding structures, like a gazebo or cabana, from insects and the elements. Exterior roller shades are simple light, wind, and privacy control solutions for all of your outdoor living spaces.

Insolroll® Oasis® Patio Shades

We offer Oasis® patio shades from Insolroll® Window Shading Systems, a leading manufacturer of custom roller and solar interior and exterior shades. Oasis® screen shades are a testament to their dedication to state-of-the-art technology, with four distinct operating systems that elevate your shades and comfort. Relax, and choose your own Oasis®:

Oasis® 2600 Patio Shades

Oasis® 2600 Patio Shades work like sunglasses, blissfully eliminating sharp sun glare so you can enjoy your outdoor view. They block out the sun even from harsh, hot south-facing angles. The special PVC-coated fabrics decrease heat build-up and are welded at their edges to resist frays and wear. Bungee cords make these exterior shades extra-resilient against wind and stray impacts and allow the shades to be attached to your outdoor space’s existing architecture without using new cables or posts. Oasis® patio sun shades are customizable up to 120” wide, and homeowners can use multiple shades for wider applications.

Oasis® 2600 Patio Shades half-drawn over a beautiful walled stone patio.

Oasis® 2700 Patio Sun Shades half-drawn over a wood and stone outdoor seating area.

Oasis® 2700 Patio Sun Shades

Oasis® 2700 Patio Sun Shades are built especially for smaller outdoor openings like a balcony or porch. While they only go up to 11’ wide, they give homeowners limitless performance. Enjoy a peaceful morning outside and appreciate the first bright rays of sun without the accompanying headache. Entertain on your back patio in the silky golden hour without the piercing glare. Oasis® 2700 Sun Shades are engineered to shield your home from excessive sunlight at every angle and hour. Select protective fabrics based on laboratory data that details how well your shades will reflect and absorb incoming light. The cable guide system secures your fabric edges, and a metal hem bar in the welded hem pocket fortifies your shades against the elements.

Oasis® 2800 Patio Shades

Oasis® 2800 Patio Shades are the flagship exterior roller shade from Insolroll®. These best-selling sun shades give homeowners a choice between manual and motorized operation and sidetrack or cable-guide fabric stabilization. Custom sizes reach 19’ wide, making these shades ideal from the back deck to the backyard pool house. Like other Insolroll® exterior shades, Oasis® 2800 Patio Shades keep your outdoor spaces cool and well-shaded. Dense fabric weaves further preserve your privacy throughout the day.

Oasis® 2800 Patio Shades closing in a pool house behind a blue pool in a desert landscape

An inside view of Oasis® 2900 Patio Insect Shades showing a clear view of a sitting area outside

Oasis® 2900 Patio Insect Shades

Don’t let an uncovered porch or patio can come back and bite you. Protect your home from mosquitos, flies, wasps, and other common pests. Oasis® 2900 Patio Insect Shades feature exclusive anti-insect fabrics and a special zipper-retention side track system that seals in your comfort. The SHY®Zip track system keeps insects out and makes Oasis® 2900 shades flexible and strong. The captured edge technology keeps your shades taut, preventing them from flapping dangerously in the wind. Because these screen shades are so versatile—and available up to 19’ wide and 14’ tall—homeowners can use them anywhere from their windows to their garage doors.

Oasis® Patio Shades Driven by Lutron™

Improve your home’s outdoor comfort with Insolroll® shades—and give yourself the gift of convenience with flawless motorization. With Lutron™ automation, operate multiple Oasis® shades at once or adjust them one at a time for exact, perfect shading every hour of the day. Schedule them to raise and lower at your preferred times and retract your shades quickly to protect them from sudden summer storms. An interface module from Insolroll® can connect your shades to your favorite smart device or smart home system. Driven by Lutron™ shades, integrate your Oasis® 2800 Patio Sun Shades and Oasis® 2900 Patio Insect Shades with Lutron™ homeworks QS®, Radio RA®, and Caséta® Controls with smooth precision and accuracy.

A well-lit living room with a wide view of a snowy mountain landscape through Oasis® Patio Shades Driven by Lutron™

Oasis® 2800 and 2900 shades can also be motorized with Somfy® for cohesive operation with your existing systems. Oasis® 2700 shades can be motorized with Somfy® along with the Insolroll® Quiet Motor.

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Takoy Windows by Design aims to connect homeowners with the best window covering solutions. Whether that means unparalleled light control, secure privacy, or fashion-forward fabrics, Takoy Windows by Design has hundreds of options from industry leaders Hunter Douglas, Insolroll®, Norman®, and Graber®. Call or contact us today to get started choosing your ideal patio shade. We work with homes in Meridian, Idaho, and the Treasure Valley area, including Ada County and Canyon County and the Eagle, Boise, Nampa, Caldwell, Kuna, Star, and Middleton, ID communities.