Hunter Douglas PowerView Motorization

There are a lot of things that we can reasonably classify as luxuries: expensive meals, fancy cosmetics, designer clothes, sports cars. While all of these things are exciting, at the end of the day, none of them are ultimately necessary. But one thing that occasionally gets classified as a luxury is investing money and time into your home. Here at Takoy Windows by Design, we think that making your home a comfortable, welcoming place for you and your family to unwind is a necessity, not a luxury. To learn more about the luxurious necessities your home may be missing out on, keep reading about Hunter Douglas PowerView® Motorization.

Motorized Window Treatments 101

Many of us have encountered motorized window coverings at various places, whether that was in a particularly lovely hotel room or watching reruns of The Jetsons with your children or grandchildren. Although motorized window fashions have often been associated with the rich and famous, they are ultimately a very simple concept. Rather than operating your home’s window treatments by hand—with a wand, cord, or louver—your window treatments are able to open themselves by utilizing the power of technology. If this sounds like something you might enjoy (whether because you love convenience, energy efficiency, or simply have difficult to reach windows), keep reading to learn more!

Operating Motorized Window Fashions

There are a variety of different ways to operate your home’s motorized window coverings, so you are sure to find one that fits perfectly into your lifestyle. If you find that the idea of motorized window treatments is exciting, but you aren’t ready to make a huge leap in technology, then the Pebble® Remote Control will likely be the easiest way for you to make the motorized window covering transition.

However, if you worry about keeping up with a remote control, you can also download the PowerView® mobile app onto your smart phone or tablet, so you will be able to adjust your home’s window treatments from wherever you are. To go totally hands free, you can even sync your window treatments to your smart home system, to operate your blinds, shades, and shutters with just the sound of your voice.

Options for Motorized Window Coverings

You are likely most familiar with motorized blinds and shades, but there are actually a number of different window treatments that you can motorize. Of course, there are the traditional horizontal and vertical blinds, which motorize beautifully and remove the need to fuss with any pesky wands or cords. Additionally, window shades are also a great choice when it comes to motorization. But have you ever thought of motorized shutters? These heavy window coverings are an ideal choice for motorization, giving anyone in your household the ability to operate them with ease.

While motorization can sound like something reserved for the rich and famous, its affordability makes motorized blinds and shades a great option for any home. To learn more about your options for motorized window treatments, contact Takoy Windows by Design today! We proudly offer free in-home consultations to Meridian, ID and the surrounding areas, including Boise and Eagle, Idaho.