Graber® Solar Shades

When it comes to upgrading your window treatments, choosing products you can rely on for a lifetime and working with a trustworthy team to install and maintain those window treatments is absolutely paramount. We’re proud at Takoy Windows by Design to have over decades of experience in the window treatment business and a record of helping the wonderful folks of the Treasure Valley create perfect custom window treatments for their homes. That’s why we choose to carry products from trusted brands like Graber® – we know they will provide our customers with high-quality, on-trend, life-proof window treatments.

Graber® Solar Shades are some of the best of the best in terms of functionality, durability, and aesthetic value. As Idahoans, our homes have a unique set of needs. From intense sunlight and heat in the summers to winter snowfall, our homes need window treatments that can withstand the climate of the greater Treasure Valley. Check out why we think that Graber® Solar Shades are perfect for your Treasure Valley home.

Benefits of Solar Shades: Graber®’s Perfect Desert Window Treatment

As a homeowner choosing a new window treatment, it can be difficult to prioritize exactly which features on which to primarily focus. You want the window treatment to look good and flow with the rest of your home, but you also want to be able to filter light and maintain privacy when you need it. Sometimes, the best benefits are the ones you haven’t even thought of yet: energy-saving qualities, products made with eco-friendly materials, utility bill savings, and protection from harmful UV rays, among others.

Luckily, Graber® Solar Shades provide all of these benefits and more. As a locally owned business, one of the chief reasons we choose to carry products from trusted brands like Graber® is because we know they create and maintain a product line that gives homeowners the best in aesthetic value and functional innovation.

Here are some of the best benefits of Graber® Lightweaves® Solar Shades:

  • Minimize glare from the sun
  • Protect your interior from harmful UV rays
  • Stop excess sunlight to reduce utility bills
  • Easy-install flat valance for a functional, modern look
    Seven different lift options for your shade, including motorized and cordless
  • Openness factors that range from 1% to 10% for optimum light control
  • Endless color options including options with eco-friendly, sustainable fabrics
  • Options for extra-wide windows
  • Several finishing options for a streamlined look and operation: blackout channel; fabric-wrapped or heat-sealed hem bar; contour, fascia, or cassette valance

Graber Solar Shades, Graber Lightweaves® Solar Shades, indoor solar shades, roller shades near Meridian, Idaho (ID)

Why Choose an Eco-Performance Graber® Solar Shade?

When you’re choosing a solar shade or roller shade for your home, you want to ensure that you’re making the best decision for both the short and long term. It’s easy to get caught up in trends that are happening right now, only for the style to change next year and leave you wanting more.

That’s why Graber® Eco-Performance Solar Shades are a fantastic option for those seeking a lifelong window treatment. Not only will this custom window treatment withstand the durability test of time, you’ll also find the look of Graber® shades to be timeless, elegant, and complimentary to every home style for years and years to come. You have a grand selection of fabrics to choose from that are part of Graber®’s Eco-Friendly/Healthy Home Collection.

Graber®’s collection of Eco-Performance Solar Shade provide all the benefits of their greater solar shade collection listed above as well as boasting these attributes:

Graber Solar Shades, Eco-Performance Solar Shades, indoor solar shades, roller shades near Meridian, Idaho (ID)

  • Improves indoor air quality with Standard 100 OEKO-TEX® certified fabrics for low-VOC emission levels
  • Engineered to resist microbes and fungi
  • PVC-free
  • Greengard® Gold Certified—passing rigorous testing for thousands of chemicals.
  • Options produced with 100% recycled PET material (plastics marked “1”), which helps reduce landfill waste
    Created from an average of five plastic bottles from the ocean per shade.
  • Recyclable after use, making these an excellent long-term choice
  • Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Bronze

Each fabric option in this collection features different openness factors and percentages of recycled materials used, although there are multiple options that feature 100% recycled materials. Be sure to let us know if you’re only interested in fabrics produced from 100% recycled material so we may best assist you!

Graber® Solar Shades: Adding an Extra Layer of Protection to Your Exterior

If there’s one fact that we know about living ourn Idaho climate, it’s that protecting ourselves from the intense sun can be a difficult task. Adding an exterior layer of protection to your home with Graber® Exterior Solar Shades is the perfect solution for homeowners looking to maximize UV protection. We especially love recommending our Graber® Exterior Solar Shades to homeowners looking for an outdoor solution for their patios or sunrooms – these shades make it easier to enjoy your outdoor spaces regardless of the sun’s intensity, because you can easily draw your shade to protect yourself and your living space from excess sun without compromising your view or your natural lighting. Consider these benefits of exterior solar shades:

  • Lowers your energy costs by reducing heat gain outside your home
  • Protects your interior decor, flooring, and furnishings from harmful UV rays that can cause light damage
  • Constructed with a bottom notch to anchor the shade so it won’t move with the wind
  • Made with durable, exterior-rated fabrics and components engineered to withstand any weather and level sun exposure or humidity.

Graber Solar Shades, Graber Exterior Solar Shades, outdoor solar shades, roller shades near Meridian, Idaho (ID)

Choosing a Fantastic Solar Shade or Roller Shade for Your Home

Many homeowners confuse roller and solar shades, and for good reason: they are incredibly similar in operation. The difference between solar and roller shades is simple: they utilize different materials for construction. Functionally, they can use the same operation systems and offer similar aesthetics, but solar shades tend to have more light-filtering qualities and increased view-through.

However, we often recommend to customers who want the best of both worlds to layer a roller shade beneath their solar shade. That way, you can have optimum control of each room’s privacy and natural lighting without compromising UV protection and all the while saving tons of energy that result in utility bill savings.

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