Get your Home Ready for Summer with Insolroll Residential Solar Shades

Insolroll Residential Solar Shades to block glare and light while maintaining views near Meridian, Idaho (ID)

Believe it or not, window treatments can do more for your home than just cover your windows. At Takoy Windows by Design, we believe that window coverings should make all the difference in a room, increasing both comfort and functionality. More homes are being built with their sole focus on the extravagant views that they offer. It is important to complement these focal points properly. An array of windows with views creates a once-in-a-lifetime home, but can also, unfortunately, mean high temperatures, uncomfortable brightness, and damage from the sun’s harsh UV rays. Luckily, the locally made Insolroll Residential Solar Shades are your solution to actively blocking heat, glare, and UV rays while still maintaining the stunning scenery out of your windows. Here’s a look into why the Insolroll Residential Solar Shades are perfect for your home, especially as Summer approaches.

Sun Control, not Elimination

Balancing the amount of natural light with the protection of heat and glare is a hard equation to perfect. Fortunately, the Insolroll Residential Solar Shades’ design has the ideal equilibrium between light seeping in, and light being deflected. They will make your light manageable and controllable. With the ability to control the amount of light, you can also handpick the cooling effects of your window shades. No matter which way your window is facing, the solar shades will give your home’s AC unit a break and cut your energy bill. Because all homes have different styles, views, and climates, these shades come in an array of “openness,” all still made with high-performance fabrics that negate the side effects of sunlight. Along with these great blocking benefits, these shades also do more than deal with the sun. They give your home daytime privacy ideal for your bedrooms or rooms closer to the sidewalk/street.

Volumize your View

It is a common misconception that window coverings block your outside view. However, light is so powerful, so it doesn’t take much openness in a shade to protect the heat and glare while still giving you perfect access to your view. The Insolroll Residential Solar Shades are precisely manufactured, maintaining your connection to the outside through an untainted view. A high standard of shade means a consistent and measurable degree of fabric openness so you will know exactly what you’re getting for your home. Our experts are trained in this and can teach you the certain fabric colors that diffuse and others that block light.

Inherently Children Safe

When shopping for window treatments, families worry about child and pet safety.

Due to this, our products comply with the newest American National Standard for Safety of Corded Window Covering Products. We offer motorization through highly tech-savvy systems or remote controls and even cord-free shades. We have expertise in this area, so feel free to ask us for our best tips and tricks on how to make all windows safe for children as safety is a top concern of ours.


Here at Takoy Windows by Design, we help you create your dream home, one window at a time. With our team’s vast collective expertise, we will not only get you equipped with the best window treatments but educate you throughout the process. Because we need to soak in the entire feeling of a home to match you with your best option, we come to you and work around your schedule. Matching our high standard of service, are the extremely high-quality products we take the utmost pride in using. We will leave your home with a risk-free, worry-free window treatment and experience. Book a free consultation by visiting us at Takoy Windows by Design or calling us at 208-576-4870. We are located in Meridian, Idaho but we expand our services to the Treasure Valley area (Ada county and Canyon county) including Eagle, Boise, Nampa, Caldwell, Kuna, Star, and Middleton.