Comfortex® Cellular Shade

Cellular Shades from Comfortex® are one of the most top-performing window treatments you can choose for your home. Cellular shades, also referred to as honeycomb shades, honeycomb blinds, or cellular blinds, are a favorite of ours here at Takoy Windows by Design for a multitude of reasons. As one of the most energy-efficient window treatments on the market, they offer savings in utility costs, immense insulation benefits, and can be customized with single or double honeycomb cells and a vast number of fabric options for optimal light control and room darkening qualities. Our suite of Comfortex® Cellular Shades consists of three different collections: Color Lux, The Core Collection, and Insulating SlumberShades™.

Benefits of Comfortex® Cellular Shades

Temperature Control

Comfortex® Cellular Shades are one of the most effective window treatments on the market for controlling the temperature in your home. Most of the air in your home can leak out through the windows, and during peak seasons like summer and winter when temperatures are most extreme, the unwanted air can easily get in through most other window treatments. The patented, honeycomb-shaped cells in these shades trap unwanted air at the window and insulate your room to maintain an optimal temperature.

Energy Efficiency

Cellular shades are known as the most energy-efficient window treatments on the market. Their unique shape and design maintain the temperature in your rooms seamlessly and allow your heater or air conditioner to take much needed breaks during any season. You’ll notice an undeniable difference in your home’s energy consumption that will save you money on utilities in the long run.

Perfect for Oddly Shaped Windows

One of our favorite features of Comfortex® Cellular Shades is their ability to be customized for any window you can imagine. Windows with unique curves, tricky skylights, and large bay windows are no problem for this window treatment. Our team can measure any window to create the perfect custom window covering.

Cordless Operation Options

There are three different cord operation operations for our Comfortex® Cellular Shades: corded, cordless, and motorized. The latter two options offer entirely cord-free operation, an ideal option for added safety in homes with children and pets.

Single and Double Cell Options

Our Comfortex® Cellular Shades have numerous customization options, and one of those options is whether you want to choose shades that have single cells or double cells. The primary difference between single cell honeycomb shades and double cell honeycomb shades are the number of cell layers on the shade; single cells have one and double cells have two. Double cell honeycomb shades add an additional layer of insulation. They typically also have a smaller cell size than their single cell counterparts, but they can create a bulkier or busier design at the window.

Feel free to consult with our team of design experts to figure out what might be a better option for your living space’s needs.

Our Comfortex® Cellular Shade Collections

Color Lux

The Comfortex® Color Lux collection is perfect for anyone interested in combining the functional benefits of cellular honeycomb shades with the unique design elements of their home. The Color Lux Collection offers the most diverse color selection in the industry with over 804 color options.

Textures from various fabric options are also a fantastic way to instill your personality into the design of your living space. The Color Lux collection features four cellular fabrics: Linen Weave, Verona Textures, Boutique, and Aspen. The only double cell option in this collection is Aspen, which offers a 3/8” cell size while the other fabric options offer 3/4” cell sizes.

Cellular Shades, Comfortex® Color Lux®, honeycomb shades, cellular blinds, honeycomb blinds near Meridian, Idaho (ID)

To create a sleeker look, this collection offers fabric-wrapped rails and end caps to create a seamless appearance. Another added benefit for those that opt for a motorized operation system is that the charging port is integrated into the headrail, allowing for easy recharging of your motorized shade battery.

Cellular Shades, Comfortex® The Core Collection, honeycomb shades, cellular blinds, honeycomb blinds near Meridian, Idaho (ID)

The Core Collection

Minimalists and maximalists alike can rejoice over the vast options available in The Core Collection of Comfortex® Cellular Shades. There are over five hundred color, fabric, and texture options available in this collection to customize your ideal window treatment.

Not only do you have a fantastic selection of fabrics to choose from for your perfect honeycomb shade, you also have the ability to pick a fabric that will provide an appropriate opacity level for your ideal lighting and privacy effect for each individual room. You can even choose different opacity levels for each individual window!

Each opacity level dramatically changes the amount of privacy and lighting, and our team of experts is happy to show you the options available to you as well as help advise on what might work best in each room. We offer light filtering, room darkening, and even blackout options to best fit each of your living spaces.

Insulating SlumberShades™

These cutting-edge shades are truly the perfect option for homeowners interested in creating the perfect sleep experience any time of the day. SlumberShades™ are combined with a light blocking sidetrack to create a new level of room darkness. The same insulating technology that makes cellular shades so energy efficient also absorbs sound energy, making for a quieter, calmer, more peaceful sleep experience. We recommend choosing our Symphony and Premiere Blackout Fabrics for a full blackout room experience.

Cellular Shades, Comfortex® Insulating SlumberShades™, honeycomb shades, cellular blinds, honeycomb blinds near Meridian, Idaho (ID)

The blackout sidetracks are black lined, which allow them to absorb incoming sunlight, while the inside sidetrack that faces your room is white for visual aesthetics. When properly installed, these shades block 99% of all visible light. In some instances, with intense UV rays, a small amount of light may reflect around the edges of the honeycomb fabric along each side of the shade. The blackout sidetracks are available in three colors: white, tan, or bronze. They are also removable for an easier cleaning experience.

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